A little surprise parcel.

Hello all,

This blog post is simply to say a massive thank you to the wonderfully generous team over at Bright Network.

I was replying to emails when I saw one from Bright Network (of which I am a member) discussing their ‘#brightsummer‘ initiative whereby they were offering their members a chance to win a copy of a book from a list on the Bright Network website. Those interested simply had to tweet @brightnetwork with the name of the book they were interested in, and use the hashtag. I like the initiative, as it promotes a relaxing and informative summer for students wanting to unwind after the final frantic semester of the year complete with copious examinations.

I decided to enter the competition as I adore books and I am quite the Twitter obsessive. So imagine my compete surprise and utter joy to discover that I was one of the winners!

Within a week, I had received a copy of my requested book, ‘The Four-Dimensional Human: Ways of Being in the Digital World‘ by Laurence Scott. After studying PR at my American host college this year, I became interested in the role of social media and how it has become so immersed into modern daily life and interactions. This book promises an interesting examination into modern life now entwined in a digital landscape.

So, thank you indeed to Bright Network for their kindness; my summer reading essentials are now officially sorted.


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