Application success: I’m an Ambassador now.

A brief little happy post this evening before I delve into several news stories which caught my eye over the past few days.

Several weeks ago, I noticed on the Politico EU website (I became rather the devoted Politico user during my time in America as a means to satisfy both my US and European political interests) that momentum behind the 17th annual EU Studies Fair was starting to gain pace, and there was a call for students to act as Ambassadors for the programme.

Well, I am interested in current affairs and politics at local, national and European level and with how the political and legal spheres interrelate and influence society. I thought it would be an exciting opportunity to apply for the position, to promote and advertise this exciting and informative Studies Fair which celebrates how the shared borders of the EU ensure shared and enriching education. Having studied at an LEF summer school in Croatia, I welcomed the opportunity to act as an ambassador for both my university and country whilst learning from and alongside my European peers. In addition, whilst studying in America and delivering presentations about my country, I realised the uniqueness and the importance of the EU. I feel that the younger European generation can work together to ensure the fullest extent of the European vision can be realised. In addition, I have relevant experience regarding engaging with the student body and promoting events. Through my Communication roles in various student organisations both at my home university and American host college, I have disseminated information through lecture shout outs, supplying leaflets and via social media platforms. I also know that I am efficient in promptly responding to student queries and providing additional information if required.

So, I thought to myself, let’s give it a go and see what happens.

I found out yesterday that my application was successful, and that I will be acting as an Ambassador! I will be emailed more information and tasks over the next coming weeks, but I am already working on promoting on different levels. I think this is very exciting and it is great to have another project to commence work on over the summer.

It is wonderful to think I will be able to attend the EU Studies Fair in February and engage in networking and meeting new people; I cannot wait also to see Brussels and all the EU institutions. I will have to ensure I take notes and many photographs whilst I am there.

On that note, adieu. Until next time!


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