PolLaw Express: 15th July 2015 edition

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Welcome to the daily news round-up via my e-newspaper. Here are the top stories from today:

  1. Cameron pressed on impact of benefit reforms on rape victims (via BBC News)
    ~ David Cameron said he will ‘look carefully’ at the cuts to child tax credits under the recently announced Budget in an effort to prevent the penalising of  women who become pregnant as a result of rape.
    The Budget’s proposals will limit tax credit payments for low paid workers to the first two children for new claimants. Officials have since been asked to ‘develop protections’ for workers who, having been victims of rape, may have had a third child.
  2. Police water cannon use rejected by Home Secretary (via BBC News)
    ~ Home Secretary Theresa May has refused to allow the use of water cannon in England and Wales, saying that ‘without safeguards’ they had ‘the capacity to cause harm’.The Home Secretary stated the decision on whether to authorise use of water cannon was a ‘serious’ one and reached after a lengthy study had been carried out in order to fully assess their safety and effectiveness.The decision means Northern Ireland remains the only part of the UK which utilises water cannon.
  3. Villiers warning over executive finances if welfare deal not done (via BBC News)
    ~ The Secretary of State for Northern Ireland has warned that unless a deal is brokered in Stormont over welfare reform, the Executive will face serious financial difficulties in the Autumn.
    She was giving evidence to the Northern Ireland affairs committee at Westminster when she stated, “the situation is grave. There is a threat to the continued effectiveness of the institutions and a threat to a potential collapse.”We are not there. It is certainly possible to resolve this dispute.”
  4. MPs debate revised ‘English votes for English laws’ plan (via BBC News)
    ~ The House of Commons is debating revised government proposals to give England’s MPs a veto over English laws; ‘EVEL’ is being viewed as a means of solving the old quandary of the ‘West Lothian Question’. Ministers had been compelled to amend their plans after criticism from opposition MPs.
    The debate comes after a row over plans to change fox hunting laws in England and Wales, with a vote being axed after the SNP said it would oppose the move.
  5. Who’s going to save the Lib Dems? (via BBC News)
    ~ Brian Wheeler provides a handy guide to the Liberal Democrat party, as voting finishes today for the election of the new party leader. This is following on from the resignation of former Deputy PM NickClegg, after the party lost 48 of their 56 seats in the Commons in the 2015 General Election.The new Leader of the Lib Dems will be announced on Thursday: will it be anti-coalition Tim Farron, or pro-coalition and Paddy Ashdown-backed Norman Lamb? We’re going to have to wait and see.
  6.  Poll: Hillary Clinton’s lead shrinks among Democrats (via Politico)
    ~Hillary Clinton is still leading the Democratic field for 2016, yet her lead has decreased in recent months, according to a hot off the press Monmouth University poll. Senator Bernie Sanders, however, continues to make steady gains, but still trails by a wide margin.Among Democrats and those leaning toward the Democratic Party, support for Clinton stands at 51%, down from the 57% recorded in June and 60% in April.

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