Go Set the Summer Reading.

Hello all,

Just a little post – sans political analysing, ranting and of course legal musings – to share this event with you all.

I am rather a voracious reader (always have been) and will happily devour books from a variety of genres. I am currently awaiting a delivery of legal/political books from the ever-delightful Postscript team in preparation for my summer holiday in Prague next week.

However! As I was undertaking some work earlier today, my dad came home with a lovely surprise for me:

 Yes, he had sought out Ms Lee’s latest work, ‘Go Set a Watchman’ which I am very excited about and cannot wait to commence reading. (The running joke in the house is that I can start and finish books within a day; we shall see how this one goes.)

I am aware of the mixed reviews and of course, the shocking revelations of how a certain Atticus Finch, aka he who was the noble lawyer and courageous, decent man from ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ is actually harbouring racist beliefs. Having long been a fan of Atticus and admirer of his actions in ‘Mockingbird’, I am not really looking forward to having my thoughts challenged and shattered by reality to be sure.

But then again, that is life, after all. People change over time, our memories – especially from childhood – play tricks on us, painting past times in a rosy hue. I still think, however, that law students should definitely read ‘Mockingbird’ and learn about the determination needed to defend clients and advocate their interests.

So, I am looking forward to reading ‘Watchman’ and if I can, I may blog about the book in due course. I cannot promise anything though, as I will be away on holiday from 31st July to the 8th August.


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