Of summer sun and reading fun.

Hello all,

Following on from my last blog post relating to summer reading, where I mentioned that I was eagerly awaiting a delivery from Postscript books – look what recently arrived!

To say I am rather excited to get tucked into the above is an understatement. I am most certainly set with summer reading. I would strongly encourage you to look at Postscript’s website; it offers a wonderful variety of books at great prices – which I appreciate as a student. (Me, poor student, my library is dukedom enough.)

My fabulous delivery box was crammed with the following:

  • Who Governs Britain, Anthony King – Professor King examines the modern British political system and its transformation over time. Being as fascinated with politics as I am, I could not help but purchase this book, especially after the results of the recent General Election. You can read the synopsis here and The Telegraph’s review here (it references In The Loop, what isn’t to love?)
  • The Hugo Young Papers, Hugo Young – Hugo Young was one the most influential and respected political journalists in the UK. For decades,  he talked off record to politicians from every party and recorded everything that had been said. This book is a selection of those confidential notes and offers a wonderful and compelling insight into the corridors of power in both politics and the press. You can read The Guardian’s review of the book here.
  • Injustice on Appeal – The United States Courts of Appeals in Crisis, William M. Richman and William L. Reynolds – This books documents how in the last forty years, there has been a dramatic increase in the caseload of the US Court of Appeals. It discusses how this and a systemic resistance to an increased judgeship have led to a crisis. I was always interested in the US justice system, and after studying abroad in America this interest merely increased. You can read the synopsis here.

As I am currently packing for my holiday, I am internally debating over which books to bring. Maybe I will end up with a suitcase full of books in lieu of clothes…

Until next time, adieu!

I will be away on holiday (ahoj, Prague!) from this Friday 31st July to Saturday 8th August. 


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