Birthday weekend – student style.

Hello all,

Well, this weekend was not just the standard law student weekend, comprised of readings and article research. Today actually marked my annual celebration of birth, aka my birthday. So there we have it! Another year older – hopefully, another year wiser, although that we shall have to wait and see about.

I was fortunate to have my sister home from Edinburgh (she has been teaching for the past two years) this week, which was the perfect early Birthday present. Alas, she had to leave early yesterday morning to fly back out, but she left behind presents and lovely, motivational cards which mean a lot to me.

Speaking of which, I was overwhelmed by the all the amazing Birthday well-wishes from my friends and family today, they truly did make the day. I feel very fortunate to be surrounded by people who want me to do well, to succeed and be happy. Encouragement and motivation are key to students such as myself. Working hard, revising, volunteering – university is a wonderful, enriching life, but it can be tough. Knowing there are those wishing you well can be a true source of comfort and support when overcoming challenges.

Thus I have had a great day with my family and enjoying reading all my cards and opening my presents! (Another source of support when tackling mounds of reading and note-taking to be sure.)

A wonderful present from my parents: I am thoroughly spoilt. (Who said punk was dead? These will go well with my sassy political jumpers.)
My mother knows how much I admire Nicola Sturgeon! This will make for interesting reading.
Oh, and I have also celebrated the lead-up to my Birthday with watching a stream of civil and political rights films! On Thursday to mark my mother’s birthday we went to watch Suffragette – an amazing film to be sure; I had high hopes and I was not disappointed – and then we watched Selma in my house last night. Tonight, we watched Pride. Just the perfect way for a law student who is currently immersed  in human rights to celebrate.


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