A Brussels delivery and Ambassador undertakings.

Today I felt like a connected, special individual. (Oh, a girl can dream.) How come? Well, as I collected the post delivered whilst I was out, I discovered there was a large envelope addressed to myself, which bore a Belgian postmark. I do love to receive post, this I will readily admit to. Messages, texts and emails are fine and dandy in this day and age, I suppose. But in my mind, nothing can beat a letter received in the post. (Top of the class you will go, should said letter be handwritten.)

Alas, I am not a European diplomat, or a political advisor (at least, not yet!) and so there were no politico-legal documents enclosed in the envelope. But there was something of the politico-nature: that of a letter and documents from POLITICO EU.

The lovely and friendly EU Studies Fair team at POLITICO EU kindly posted out leaflets for me to distribute around my university and among friends. As you can see below, the leaflets are sharply designed and I feel they are rather eye-catching. It will be hard not to notice the vivid and traditional POLITICO red background when left on desks and pinned to notice-boards!

Come one, come all! I hope to see you at the EU Studies Fair in February.

Readers of this blog may know of my position this year to promote the annual EU Studies Fair organised and hosted by POLITICO EU in Brussels. I feel that it is an honour to have been chosen as an Ambassador. As the sole university ambassador in Ireland, it is both a challenging but exciting role, and to date I have enjoyed undertaking the duties and tasks my role entails. I have utilised social media platforms, emailed and contacted staff from three academic institutions and have managed to be included in careers emails. I also created flyers and ‘headline’ posts (basically, you re-write the flyers so that they can be attached to emails or posted online: the aim is to catch and sustain attention of the reader and not to overwhelm them with information).

I also am personally very much looking forward to attending the EU Studies Fair myself in February; I cannot wait to see the EU institutions, and hear from professionals regarding their academic and professional experiences in their fields during the seminars and workshops. Moreover, as I am contemplating undertaking a Masters degree upon my graduation from Law, I look forward to meeting university representatives during the Fair.

Should you wish to know more about the EU Studies Fair, please do see my blog post from September which details the dates, location and summary of the Fair. Moreover, please do visit the relevant website, which you can access here.

What made me feel very happy and inspired to continue in the work I am doing however was the inclusion of a thank-you note alongside the promotional leaflets.

Politico note
The pièce de résistance!

I think this was a lovely and thoughtful touch, and has made me feel that my work thus far has been sufficient. I shall therefore ensure that I carry on in the same vein for the remainder of my time in post.

It just goes to show the power of words, doesn’t it? A ‘thank you’ goes such a long way, and to have my work praised does motivate me to continue.

Also, as stated in the opening of this post: I am such a fan of hand-written letters and notes. So quite naturally this letter was the proverbial cherry on the POLITICO-red iced cake!

The countdown to Brussels and the EU Studies Fair continues. It is going to be an exciting and informative two days, and I truly cannot wait.


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