25 Days of Christmas: Treat Deprivation Style.

Hello all,

I am one who adores her coffee, I admit it. I am quintessentially a caffeine connoisseur and as a typical law student, consider it part of a staple diet. I also have a soft spot for dark chocolate: Cadbury Bournville bars are a delightful treat in the dark midst of article reading and coursework typing. I think it says a lot that in one of my posts for Coe Review (the student paper at my host American college) I opened with the following reference to my dark chocolate temptations:

Monday morning – I am once again at my desk and my fingers are tap dancing away over my keyboard as I look longingly at the hidden desk drawer which contains the ‘emergency’ supplies of snacks. Well, the name suggests aforementioned snacks are hardly ever touched, but frankly it feels as though every day has been rightfully deemed an emergency. Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned – it has been one hour since my last nibble of dark chocolate.

Thus we can determine I have my vices and little motivational treats. Yet, we can also determine from my various experiences at university – and whilst in America -that I feel passionately about volunteering. I feel strongly about charity work, and about giving to those less fortunate than myself.

So, should it come to a case of having to choose to between helping others or helping myself, well – there really is no choice. If I have to make a sacrifice for the good of those less fortunate than myself, then I will gladly sign up for it.

PolLaw Express blog photo
A farewell to arms: caffeine and dark chocolate!

As I have mentioned previously, I am the Secretary and a committee member of the student QUB branch of the charity Children in Crossfire. I have been working with other students at my university since the end of August to build upon the work of the society last year; it is only in its second year today. We have been trying to create a foundation which subsequent committees can build upon, whilst engaging with the student body and raising awareness of the charity and its work to students.  It has been an industrious few months, but we plan to keep at it. And how better to do just that during the Christmas season, than challenge ourselves and fundraise?

Christmas is a time of festive fun and presents for most, but for some it is a time of hardship and suffering. Children in Crossfire’s Advent Appeal 2015 is here, seeking to help those in need in developing countries this festive season. The QUB Committee decided to get involved in our own way. Realising that many do not even have clean water, ample food supplies or shelter, we decided we would give up treats and delights we take for granted this Christmas countdown. We hope to raise money for this great cause, and awareness of poverty prevalence in the process.

This Tuesday 1st December marks the countdown to Christmas -that’s 25 days! It also marks the commencement of our fundraising campaign. The QUB Children in Crossfire Committee will undergo 25 days of treat deprivation to raise awareness of poverty, hunger and drought which many will face this Christmas. We’re fortunate to have excess food and so on to give up in the first place, and want to do something to help others less fortunate than us.

So, please do wish us well and offer us support! You can visit our Just Giving page, read our story and follow our progress here. Donations are greatly appreciated (as are well-wishes re the looming caffeine withdrawal on a personal note).

My only hardship over the next few weeks will be tackling research and coursework projects sans coffee and dark chocolate. Please spare a thought, as I will do, for people whose hardships are far greater and more severe.

The Last Cup before Christmas. 25 days until we meet again.

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