Democracy in action: it’s the UK Blog Awards 2016.

I have some exciting news to share with you all today.

Today marks the beginning of the public vote for the UK Blog Awards 2016; a competition to determine the most engaging and interesting blog to be found in certain categories. It attracts a great variety of entries and highlights wonderful bloggers and their writing to the public.

I actually only discovered the existence of  this competition a few months ago, and never really thought my blog would be a worthy candidate amid such tough competition. However, I decided that I might as well throw myself into the deep end (nothing new here; my study abroad adventure in America taught me well) and enter my blog anyway. Why? Well, I suppose that my mindset is simply one of, ‘you never know until you try’. When I was writing my New Year’s Eve post pertaining to my review of my blog over the past few months, I realised that this blog has come to mean a lot to me, and I cherish the time I spend writing and publishing on it.It has proved useful and informative for other law students, which was my original aspiration upon creating it. However, on a personal note, it has also provided an outlet for my discussion of law and politics. I actively look forward to sitting down and typing up my thoughts on a chosen subject, discovering as I type how to weigh up competing arguments or understand differing viewpoints.

As I have mentioned previously, when I started this blog back in July of this year, I had imagined it to be of mostly small circulation, and more of a way for me to articulate and publish my thoughts on politics, legal developments etc. I did not imagine that many would actively click on the links to my posts, let alone read them. So you can imagine that I am really so very amazed and grateful that this blog has had over 700 visitors and over 1,200 views in only a couple of months. I cannot thank you enough, and I am very grateful that there are those who are willing to read my musings.

As part of the online application for entry submission to the UK Blog Award 2016, candidates were asked to answer the question, ‘why vote for me?’ You can read my answer in full on my entry page (the link of which I shall provide at the end of this post) but I essentially spoke of the confidence and enjoyment I have gained. I not only feel able to share my thoughts and views with others, I feel proud to do so. I therefore requested a vote for my blog in recognition of how empowering and useful a blog may be for students such as myself:

A vote for this blog would be a vote for recognising that students have voices, a desire to express their opinions and be active in their society. Writing this blog has given me confidence, and I would respectfully submit that should you vote for me, you are not only supporting students in their endeavours, – you are supporting us in developing confidence, self-discipline and self-belief.

So, if you have enjoyed browsing my blog, have found it interesting or informative: please do consider submitting a vote.

I entered my blog into two different categories: Lifestyle, and Education.
You can access my entry page and read more about my inspiration for writing here. Voting remains open until the 25th January, so please do feel free to check out my entry page, browse my blog posts and determine whether you wish to vote for me. Every vote will be truly appreciated, and I would be most grateful for you even to read about my blog on the entry page.

Please note the following information regarding the voting system:

  • You can submit your vote via the ‘Vote Now’ button at the bottom of my entry page.
  • It will ask for your name and email address. You will receive a confirmation email once your vote has been registered.
  • As my blog has been entered into two categories, you can opt to vote for both of these from the same page.
  • Alternatively, you can opt to vote for one category entry by selecting your preferred category.
  • You are able to vote via a mobile device or desktop once per day. Therefore, you may vote using the same email address more than once, but only on separate days.
Vote now!

Thank you so much for your consideration of my blog, and entry into the UK Blog Awards 2016. I do hope you will wish myself and the other candidates good luck.


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