Why I write.

Hello all,

This is just a little post about an email I received during the past week, which was a pleasant surprise and left a smile on my face. I suppose that this email emphasised to me why it is that I write on this blog, and it reminded me that you are able to help and assist others, without even knowing that you are.

After I came home from my day working in the office at my internship this week, I went to check my personal emails. Scrolling through my subscribed emails (full of Brexit, EU negotiations and Nevada/South Carolina primaries discussions) I came across an email personally addressed to me. And to my surprise, it was actually in relation to my blog!

The email was from Legal Yankee, a wonderful advice website for students studying law in both the US and UK. It provides sudent resources, curated and original articles, and legal research and writing. And it was this website which had found my blog, and had emailed me to say that said blog was to be featured in their February newsletter. I could not believe it; I felt so honoured that I was to be this fabulous website’s Featured Blog of the Month. In addition, my blog was included in a recent post on Legal Yankee’s blog in relation to student advice, as written by law students for law students.

Recently, when I was writing my New Year’s Eve post pertaining to my review of my blog over the past few months, I realised my blog has come to mean a lot to me, and I cherish the time I spend writing and publishing on it. I am simply thrilled that my blog has proved useful and informative for other law students, which was my original aspiration upon creating it. To know that there may be other law students out there, seeking help and advice, who come across my blog and find such help and advice – that is why I write. I write to ensure that students feel supported, and know that they are not alone.

On a personal note, writing on my blog has also provided an outlet for my discussion of law and politics. I actively look forward to sitting down and typing up my thoughts on a chosen subject, discovering as I type how to weigh up competing arguments or understand differing viewpoints. I also feel as though I have a voice, and to know that people listen is simply amazing.

As I have mentioned previously, when I started this blog back in July of 2015, I had imagined it to be of mostly small circulation, and more of a way for me to articulate and publish my thoughts on politics, legal developments etc. I did not imagine that many would actively click on the links to my posts, let alone read them. So you can imagine that I am really so very amazed and grateful that this blog has had over 1,093 visitors and over 2,929 views in only a couple of months. I cannot thank you enough, and I am very grateful that there are those who are willing to read my musings. I am most grateful to Legal Yankee for including my blog on their website, and I hope that together we may be able to help other law students with my blog posts.

So, the general point to take away from this post? You never know what impact you will have on someone out there in the world. You never know who you may be helping, without even knowing.


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