A month away, and look what happens.

Hello all,

Rest assured that despite representations to the contrary, I am in fact still alive and active on this blog. It appears that real life i.e. work, and postgraduate studies, have taken over for a period of time.

But Leah, I hear you cry. There was a snap election in Northern Ireland. There is ongoing political stalemate and negotiations in your part of the world. Where have you been?

Forsooth, I wish I had covered the Assembly election from 2nd March. I was, however, an active canvasser for my political party – which really can take it out of a girl. However, I will have some posts about the election and the continuing aftermath uploaded in due course.

It really has been a case of Too Much News and political shenanigans. It can be rather hard to keep up on a daily basis. I shall endeavour to keep an eye on things, and report back here when I can.

Until then, I have two MA assignments to work on, and a human rights working group to participate in. There is never any rest for the wicked, of this I do swear.

And anyway, when all else fails, Theresa May will call an early General Election. What ever happened to UK politics? Remember the days when the most startling news was the revelation that Ed Miliband couldn’t eat a sandwich, and David Cameron left his daughter at a pub on a family holiday? What a difference a year – and a divisive referendum on EU membership – makes.


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