First’s the Worst.

Well, hello to all! Welcome to a -yet another – student’s blog; I do hope however that you will enjoy your visit.

The first post of the blog now abounds. On to the introductions then, I suppose.

My name is Leah (alas, not pronounced ‘Leia’ a la the Star Wars heroine) and I hail from a small village within a small town in Northern Ireland. Yes, I am a Law student who was born and raised in a place other than London. Wonders shall never cease.

This coming September I will be commencing my final year of my LLB degree. Whilst this is something I am looking forward to, as I can now select modules I wish to study, it is still surreal to consider that my final year is finally raising its head around the corner. I aspire to enter the legal profession; currently contemplating to opt for the solicitor pathway. I find Law to be fascinating, and I greatly enjoy studying as many areas as possible. I have enjoyed the opportunity of undertaking legal work experience in Belfast (legal aid), London (commercial law) and Cedar Rapids IA (Criminal/Family).

I enjoy reading/studying across all areas of the law, but I am particularly interested in Constitutional/Administrative/Public law -which means my friends question my reasonableness on a regular basis. To anyone knowledgeable of Public law, I apologise for the pun in the use of ‘reasonableness’. To everyone else, simply pity those who spent numerous hours being charmingly acquainted at length with Associated Provincial Picture Houses Ltd. v Wednesbury Corp et al.(Whisper it, but if the new Lord Chancellor indeed abolishes the Human Rights Act 1998, and if the much-relieved second term Prime Minister loses the EU referendum, a large quantity of my degree will be rendered obsolete, and I will be sighing in exasperation in my graduation photograph as a result.)

In a funny twist of irony, I would have actually graduated this summer had I not opted to study abroad in America for the academic year 2014/2015 instead. I was successful in applying for a ‘Study USA’ scholarship from the British Council NI and spent a happy and adventurous year studying a Business Administration major with minors in Political Science and Communications. It was a brilliant opportunity to immerse myself in a new culture, make new friends and study new subjects, and it was certainly hard to  bid farewell and return home in May 2015. I did, however, arrive home in time to vote in the General Election, so after three flights, a comatose state courtesy of jet lag and then a drive up North from Dublin I exercised my right to vote. As you do. (I did initially have my doubts about whether my weary travelling state would mean I accidentally selected the wrong candidate, but thankfully I can say these fears were unfounded.)

If you are interested in the scholarship, my year abroad and/or what America is like for an international student, please do feel free to look at my website on the subject.

You can probably detect from the above that I am rather the political junkie, current affairs addict and a keen bean student who likes to challenge herself and keep learning. I regularly tweet my thoughts and views on politics, whether NI/UK/USA/EU via Twitter.  Keep your eyes peeled for the daily e-newspaper I publish, ‘PolLaw Express’ which rounds up the news of the day.

The purpose of this blog is to essentially act as a platform for my thoughts on current affairs, Law and politics – most likely with the addition of student thoughts on the side. I also thought that it could perhaps, in time, be used as a resource of sorts for other Law students. I am hoping to be able to discuss challenges to Law students, commercial awareness tips, offer advice regarding applications and interviews – basically in time make this blog a hub for students. I am hoping that I may even have a section for case law summarised from across different areas of Law which students can access and use.

Before I sign off on this introductory post and dive into the wide world of politico/legal wonk scribbling, a few other quick facts about myself:

  • A dark coffee a day helps me work, rest and play.
  • I am a music and film buff. (The Eighties and the Nineties were the best.)
  • I am fluent in sarcasm and cynicism.
  • Volunteering and community work are passions of mine.
  • I enjoy reading (political works, historical fiction, historical non-fiction top the list) and writing.
  • I was most likely a rugby player or commentator in another life. If you want to meet up at the weekends when the Six Nations is on: sorry. I’m AWOL.

With that, adieu for now. Until the next time.